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About company

Sunob – a few words about us

Sunob Ltd. is one of the most important Slovak suppliers of piping systems, as well as plastic and cast-iron systems. Our assortment consists of 5,000 articles, and the number is still growing.

What do we offer?

  • Wide range of materials
  • Quick delivery
  • High quality of our products
  • Favourable price

Nowadays we supply these products:

- Piping systems

  • PVC pressure pipelines
  • PVC sewerage pipelines
  • PEHD pressure pipelines
  • PVC sewage pipelines
  • PEHD gas distribution pipelines
  • PEHD protection pipes
  • PEHD and PVC perforated draining pipes
  • Pressure and sewerage cast iron
  • Fibreglass piping systems

- PE foils

They are recyclable and they are used in the building industry, furniture making, agriculture, etc. They can also be used in the hygienic package of foodstuff.

  • Agrofoils
  • Self-contracting foils
  • Warning foils

- Foamed polystyrene

It has exclusive thermo-insulating properties and is easy to combine with other building materials.

  • Standard foamed polystyrene
  • Self-extinguishing foamed polystyrene

- Cast iron

  • Hatches
  • Grids
  • Grates
  • Hydrants, valves
  • Risers

- Hydroinsulating materials

- Thermoinsulating materials

- Wood

- Thermal insulation systems

They provide excellent acoustic insulation. They are made of fireproof anorganic materials, which ensures their biological and chemical neutrality, as well as the constancy of their size and shape.

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